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Full Tilt Poker, once the funnest, fastest, most exciting poker room on the Internet, is back in operation and quickly becoming the place to play poker online yet again.

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If you’ve followed the online poker industry at all, you’ll know that Full Tilt Poker was the second largest online poker room behind only PokerStars. On April 15, 2011, the US Department of Justice shut down the site for accepting US players. The site reopened soon after prohibiting US players, only to have its license revoked in late September of 2011.

Nearly a year later, on November 6, 2012, Full Tilt Poker re-opened its doors under the management of PokerStars, the largest and most trusted online poker operator in the world. Now, Full Tilt Poker is the fastest growing online poker room attracting players from around the world!

What makes the Full Tilt Poker welcome bonus so exceptional?

  • Full Tilt Poker offers a strong welcome package to all new players, featuring a deposit bonus of up to $600, one free $2.25 tournament ticket, and 10 freeroll tournament tickets for entry into the $5k First Deposit Freerolls.
  • The Full Tilt Poker welcome bonus of $600 is a 100% match deposit bonus that can be spread across your first three deposits, so you don’t have to deposit the full $600 at once to maximize the bonus!
  • The Full Tilt Poker bonus is one of the EASIEST poker bonuses to earn with a poker bonus release rate of 2.5! This equates to a 40% rakeback plan!

Full Tilt Poker Bonus 100% up to $600

Full Tilt Poker Bonus Release Rate: 2.50

Rating: GREAT

Full Tilt Poker

Learn more about the Poker Bonus Release Rate.

Full Tilt Poker Bonus – Instruction Guide

Follow these guidelines to get the most out of your Full Tilt welcome bonus package:

Step 1: Visit Full Tilt Poker to begin!

Step 2: Next, click on the “Play Now” button to download the Full Tilt software and install the program on your computer. The Full Tilt software is considered by many to be the best online poker software in the world!

Step 3: Create your new account, validate your email, and make your first deposit. Visit the Cashier to deposit funds. You have up to 3 deposits to maximize the $600 bonus, but you must make all 3 of those deposits within 60 days to qualify towards the bonus match.

Full Tilt accepts various deposit options depending on your country of residence, but Visa and Mastercard are the most popular deposit methods.


Step 4: You must now earn Full Tilt Points to unlock the bonus money by playing real money poker. You earn 10 Full Tilt Points for every $1 in rake contributed and for every $1 in tournament fees paid. And for every 25 Full Tilt Points accumulated, you earn $1 of your Full Tilt Bonus. The Full Tilt Bonus will be placed directly into your account in increments of $20 or 10% of your deposit amount, whichever is less, once the appropriate amount of Full Tilt Points have been earned.

You can easily check the status of any bonuses by visiting the Cashier and then your Bonus Account:


Step 5: Take advantage of your 10 freeroll tournament tickets and your free $2.25 tournament ticket. Your 10 freeroll tickets are good for the $5,000 First Depositor Freeroll, held on Sundays at 6:00 ET and 14:30 ET. Register for these freerolls through the lobby by selecting the Freerolls/FTPs options and scrolling down to the $5K First Deposit Freeroll.


The $2.25 tournament ticket can be used for any Sit n Go or multi-table tournament that costs $2.25. You can find these in the lobby by selecting the “Micro” option.


More About Earning Full Tilt Points

As mentioned previously, 10 Full Tilt Points are earned for every $1 in tournament fees paid or for every $1 in rake contributed.

25 Full Tilt Points earns you $1 of the bonus.

Since you earn $1 in bonus money for every 25 Full Tilt Points, you have to pay $2.50 in fees to earn back $1. This is equivalent to a 40% rebate or rakeback plan! The poker bonus release rate of 2.5 is lower than the average rate of 3.0 making the Full Tilt Poker bonus easier to earn than most online poker bonuses.

Payments of the Full Tilt Bonus will appear in your account in $20 increments or 10% of your deposit amount, whichever is less. You have 180 days to earn the bonus which should be plenty of time.

Full Tilt Poker makes it even easier to earn Full Tilt Points with Rush Poker which allows you to play many more hands per hour than standard poker!

Rush Poker at Full Tilt Poker

If you have never heard of Rush poker before, you will soon find out that it is one of the most popular concepts in today’s online poker industry. But we are getting ahead of ourselves, rather, let’s begin with a little history.

Rush Poker is a concept that was introduced to the world of online poker in 2010. Not surprisingly, the innovation came from one of the most innovative online poker rooms – Full Tilt Poker. In fact, at the time it was introduced, it was so radical to what most people have come to know as “poker”, that a majority of people did not believe that it will even catch on.

After the closing of Full Tilt, there were no online poker rooms left that offered this variation of the game and for a while it looked like the concept might indeed be forgotten. Except that it wasn’t.. and as soon as Full Tilt Poker returned, Rush Poker was back and better than ever.

Basic Concepts of Rush Poker

So what is rush poker? The concept does not directly affect the rules of any game, but can still be implemented into most games and formats. A normal cash game goes like this – you get a hand, it’s garbage, you fold and wait for the next hand. A rush cash games goes like this – you get a hand, it’s garbage, you fold and get instantly transferred to another table with a new hand dealt to everyone at the table immediately.

This has a lot of implications for the game. First of all, rush poker can’t be played by a single table with the same players. In order for you to get transferred instantly to another table, someone has to be there to play with you. This means that a pool of players is required, in which everyone will be playing against each other. So when you fold a hand at one table and get transferred to another one, that table is brand new and has been created moments ago with players who just like you, folded a hand a second ago at other tables.

The best part of rush poker is that you don’t necessarily have to wait for your turn to fold. If you are on the button and you do not wish to play the hand that you are dealt, you can fold it even before the first player has a chance to look at his cards and already be 3-betting aces at another table before he decides what to do with his hand. This basically means a 100% time efficiency. You don’t have to wait for players who decided that being UTG is the best time to take a bathroom break and simply fold hands until you find one that you want to play.


The only time when you can’t fold instantly is when you are the big blind. However, if you are certain that you won’t play it against anyone who raises, you can simply select Check/Quick fold and your hand will be automatically folded if someone raises.


Full Tilt Poker offers rush poker games in cash game and tournament format. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Rush Poker Cash Games


As you can see, rush cash games are offered in 4 of the most popular game variations, which are Fixed Limit Holdem, No limit Holdem, Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Omaha hi/lo. Games at low stakes are running constantly, while higher stakes usually start heating up in closer to peak hours.

Differences Between Rush Cash Games and Normal Cash Games

The biggest difference can be seen in the last column of the above screenshot. If you look at the hands per hour of any normal ring game, you will rarely see a number higher than 90 and most times in will be around 50. In a rush cash game, than number usually varies from 250 to 300 hands per hour, which means that on average you can except to play 5 to 6 times more hands at a rush poker table.

That seems nice, but you can argue that you can play a lot of normal tables at a time, which will give you a lot more hands per hours. Well, at any individual stake and table format, you can play up to 4 rush tables at a time. Playing 4 rush tables on average will be equal to playing 20-25 normal tables simultaneously, which seems like a far more comfortable way to do it.

This has all kinds of great implications for players. Now if you have 30 minutes to kill and want to play some poker, you can just fire up a rush poker table and the next thing you know you are already trapping someone with a set, while if you had to load up a normal cash table, you would spend 10 minutes only on finding a suitable table and being dealt in for the first time. You would end up playing 10 hands at the most in those 30 minutes, which wouldn’t be much fun.

Now there are certain advantages of normal cash tables over rush tables, like the fact that at normal tables you can really get into the game, because you will be playing against the same opponents, but there is no point in choosing between the two. Sometimes it’s better to play at normal cash games and sometimes rush poker is the obvious choice.

Rush Poker Tournaments

Rush tournaments is a fairly new concept. For most of rush poker’s existence, it was only offered in the cash game format. However, now it seems like the rush tournament concept is destined to become even more popular than rush cash games.


As you can see, Full Tilt Poker’s tournaments schedule is rich with rush tournaments and on-demand multi – table rush sit n go’s are filling up every minute.

The general concept is pretty much the same as with rush cash games, meaning that the tournament players all play against each other, constantly switching tables.

Differences Between Rush Tournaments and Normal Tournaments

The biggest difference is without a doubt – time. A normal tournament with 3000 entrants may take up to 12 hours to finish, while even the biggest rush tournament will never take more than 5 hours to complete (turbo tournaments will usually be over within 2-3 hours). This has great implications for players who enjoy tournaments but just don’t have the time to play 12 hours straight.

Less time spent means less disappointment if you will be knocked out on the bubble or near the final table. Obviously such an outcome will still be disappointing, but not so much if you had spent 1 hour to get to that point instead of 10.

Now you might have already figured out that tournaments can go on in rush format right down to the last player. Due to this fact, rush tournaments run in rush format right up until the final table and as soon as the final table bubble breaks, the final table gets set and continues on as a normal tournament.

It’s doubtful that normal tournaments are going anywhere in the near future, since they are the corner stone of big money on poker, but rush tournament are a great new concept and they are here to stay.

Clearing Bonuses

Another area worth mentioning where rush poker had a big impact are bonuses. Normally, the best way to clear a big bonus would be to play a lot of normal cash game tables, but with rush poker, this concept becomes a lot more simple.

Whether it the $600 first deposit bonus or one of the frequent reload bonuses that Full Tilt Poker offers, rush poker will allow you to clear it much faster than any other way. And if you want to clear a bonus REALLY fast, try the rush Omaha cash games! On average, Omaha tables actually play less hands per hours than holdem tables, but there is always a lot more action in Omaha, which produces bigger pots and thus clears bonuses even faster.

Rush poker can be viewed as an important stepping stone in online poker. Throughout history, poker has evolved, new games have emerged, spin offs became more popular than originals and let’s face it, anything that doesn’t evolve – dies (just look up “Latin language”). There will always be people that don’t like changes that are introduced to the poker world, but luckily a huge amount of people recognize rush poker for what it really is – the latest and greatest innovation in online poker and hopefully there will be much more of those to come.

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