William Hill Poker provides an excellent and EASY bonus to new players when redeeming the promo code 1250FREE, offering a 200% initial deposit bonus up to £1,250, €1400 or $2,000. So if you open a new account at William Hill Poker, deposit £625, you will have an opportunity to receive £1,250 in extra bonus funds!

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Why should I use the William Hill promo code 1250FREE?

  • The amount of the maximum bonus is huge for the online poker industry. Where most of the top online poker rooms offer up maybe $600 of potential bonus funds, William Hill offers more than triple that amount at $2,000 / £1,250 free!
  • The rate of earning the poker bonus is not that difficult, with a respectable Poker Bonus Release Rate (PBRR) of 3.40. William Hill Poker is an excellent place to play against weak competition (sports bettors!) and turn a profit.

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William Hill Poker Bonus Release Rate: 3.40


William Hill Poker

Learn more about the Poker Bonus Release Rate.

William Hill Promo Code 1250FREE – Instruction Guide

To take advantage of the William Hill Poker bonus, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Click here to visit William Hill Poker and register your new account.

Step 2: During the registration process, enter the William Hill Promo Code as seen below:


Step 3: Make your real money deposit in the Cashier. You may make a deposit with Visa, Mastercard, UK debit cards, Paypal, Neteller, Ukash, Click2Pay, ClickandBuy, Paysafecard, and Skrill/Moneybookers. Please note that you must deposit £625 or $1,000 to receive the maximum bonus opportunity of £1250/$2000.

Step 4: You must earn WH Points by playing real money poker games, which converts into real cash. For every 425 WH Points earned, William Hill will release $5 of your bonus to you, which is yours to keep. You have 90 days to earn as many WH Points and bonus funds as possible, up to the limit of 200% of your deposit amount. If you deposited £625 or $1,000, you would need to earn 170,000 WH Points to receive the full bonus amount of £1250/$2000, and you would need to do it within 90 days.

Keep reading to learn about the details of earning WH Points.

How to Earn WH Points and Release the Poker Bonus

As mentioned, William Hill Poker awards WH Points for all real money games played, both ring games and tournaments.

Players earn WH Points (or fractions of WH Points) for money contributed towards the rake of a ring/cash game. So a player actually has to place money in the pot to earn WH Points for that hand. Folding your hand pre-flop will not earn you any WH Points.

Depending on your currency, these are the WH points that are awarded:

  • $1 of rake contributed or tournament fees paid = 25 WH Points
  • €1 of rake contributed or tournament fees paid = 33 WH Points
  • £1 of rake contributed or tournament fees paid = 40 WH Points

The rake percentage taken from the pot of cash games depend on the type of game, the stakes, and the number of players. But William Hill typically charges a 4% rake on limit poker games and 5% on pot-limit and no-limit poker games.

For tournament players, one would have to spend $6,800 in tournament fees to earn the required 170,000 WH Points, which would convert into the maximum $2,000 bonus.

Remember, all you have to do is earn 425 points to receive $5 of the bonus funds!

This is about an average rate for the online poker industry. The effective Poker Bonus Release Rate of 3.4 is on par with most online poker rooms.

In other words, you only need to spend $3.40 to earn a $1 bonus. That is equivalent to a 29.41% poker rakeback or cashback scheme! In fact, it’s even better because in addition to the welcome bonus, William Hill offers a VIP program providing further cash bonuses, which we’ll describe further below.

You can monitor your progress on the bonus and when you can expect your next $5 bonus payment any time by checking the bonus meter in the Poker lobby:

William Hill Poker Bonus Meter


You can also review a summary of all your poker bonuses and how much you’ve collected in total and how much of your bonus is left to earn. From the Poker Lobby, click on the “My Account” tab located a the top left corner, and then click on the “Bonus info” tab.

William Hill Poker Bonus Summary


While you are earning your WH Points to clear your poker bonus, you will also be establishing your VIP level and be earning WH Award Points for further benefits!

William Hill VIP Loyalty Rewards

Ok, here’s where it gets even more complicated, I’ll do my best to explain this part as clearly as possible!

So, in addition to the WH Points you will be earning, you will also be earning WH Award Points.

The number of WH Points you accumulate in a calendar month determines you VIP Level. As you achieve higher VIP levels, more benefits are opened up to you such as entries to private freerolls, but more importantly the rate at which you earn WH Award Points increases.

Each VIP Level has a multiplier associated to it. The WH Points you’ve earned get multiplied by your VIP Level multiplier to determine the amount of WH Award Points you’ve earned.

See the chart below:

William Hill Poker VIP Levels


So for an example, let’s say it’s July 1 and I’ve just joined William Hill Poker. As I play poker throughout the month of July, I accumulate 10,000 WH Points so have climbed the VIP Levels and reached Level 5.

As a member of VIP Level 5, as I am earning WH Points, I am earning WH Award Points 6 times faster. At VIP Level 5, if I’ve earned 100 WH Points, I’ve accumulated 600 WH Award Points.

Why are WH Award Points important? Because you can trade them in for straight up CASH, tournament tokens, or bonus dollars (which then have to be worked off much like the welcome bonus).

Below is the table for trading in WH Award Points to cash.

WH Award Points for Cash


With our above example of being at VIP Level 5, and therefore have 6x multiplier, then if I earn 30,000 WH Points, that would equate to 180,000 WH Award Points, which I could then trade in for $200 cash and withdraw!

If you’re a tournament player and you’re going to be buying your way into tournaments anyway, then trading your awards for tournament tokens provides more value than trading them in for cash.

WH Award Points for Tournament Tokens


As you can see from the charts above, you get better deals as you trade in for higher prizes.

William Hill Rakeback

As mentioned previously, with the poker bonus release rate of 3.4, this equates to a 29.41% rakeback plan while earning the bonus. Additionally, you are also collecting WH Award Points for even more rakeback.

If we assume a VIP Level 5, we can also calculate the effective rakeback percentage from just the WH Award Points.

If you trade in your WH Award Points for $2, this equates to a 10% poker rakeback plan.
If you trade in for the $200 award, this equates to a 16.7% rakeback plan.
And if you trade in for the $100,000 award, this equates to a 41.7% rakeback plan!

This is in addition to 29.41% rakeback you are already receiving while earning the welcome bonus!

The rakeback percentage will increase if your VIP Level increases from Level 5, or as you trade in for higher cash prizes, and even moreso if you trade in for tournament tokens instead of cash.

For example, at VIP Level 5, you can trade in 180,000 WH Award Points for either $200 cash (16.7% rakeback) or for a $215 tournament token (17.9% rakeback).

Please be aware that your VIP level is evaluated at the end of each calendar month – so you must maintain the accumulated number of points on a month to month basis.

Also, be aware that your WH Award Points expire after a year – so be sure to trade them in on a regular basis!

Ok, ready to play? If you enjoy poker and free money (and who doesn’t?!), William Hill Poker is an excellent destination for you.

Remember to use your special William Hill Promo Code “1250FREE” to participate in all these incredible offers.

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